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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Burger Love

This is just a simple post with two burger recipes ideas I tried recently.

Accompanied by a night with one of my best friends listening to The Band, Chicago, and Whitney (big surprise) for hours, these mini-burgers were the perfect way to to send off summer….finally!

I wanted to try a spin on the classic bacon cheeseburger and decided adding sweet and spice to the profile was the best approach. So like anyone would do, I candied the bacon in sugar and cayenne pepper. For the cheese, I used an incredible cheddar from 5 Spoke Creamery that I found at Fleet Street Market, a shop that is quickly becoming my daily cheese stop on the way home from work….this will eventually be a problem.

For the second burger I wanted to pursue umami (had to) and went for a Pan-Asian idea. I used curry on fried Vidalia onions, a tangy mustard teriyaki combo made on the fly, and kimchi to accomplish this flavor feat. Any opportunity I have to use kimchi, I seize it, I love the heat and tartness, it’s guilt free, and who doesn’t’ love fermented cabbage?!?  I have yet to find my favorite brand or local producer, but I am loving the process and I am VERY open to suggestions.

I  made both burgers using some grass fed ground beef I picked up from Whole Foods during one of their Friday sales, and made 3oz patties adding just salt and garlic pepper – I prefer to keep it simple when it comes to the meat and the small size meant minimal time on the grill.


Redmond Cheddar Burger w/ Cayenne Candied Bacon & Heirloom Tomatoes

Ingredients (for 2 burgers):

·         Heat a medium non-stick pan over medium heat, place bacon strips and cook for 2 mins until the fat begins to render. Then add cayenne and sugar and continue to cook and turn strips as sugar dissolves, cook until desired crisp and doneness is achieved, then set aside (do not use a paper towel, the sugar will stick to the fiber).
·         Stacking order: bun, bacon, beef, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, condiment of choice, bun

“The Pan Asian” 

Fried Egg, Kimchi, Curry Ketchup Fried Vidalia Onions & Teriyaki-Mustard Sauce

·         3 oz Spicy ‘red’ kimchi – I have yet to find my favorite brand….loving the process and VERY open to suggestions
·         2 Fried Eggs – I fried mine in evoo and used a circular form to make stacking easier
·         1 large Vidalia onion – halved then sliced into long strips, this is just my preference for fried onion format
·         2 tablespoons ketchup
·         ½ tablespoon curry powder
·         1 tablespoon evoo
·         1 tablespoon whole grain mustard (I use seeded mustard)
·         ½ table spoon GF soy sauce
·         ½ tablespoon teriyaki sauce
·         ½ tablespoon mango hot sauce (brand)

·         Combine mustard, teriyaki, soy sauce and hot sauce, whisking with a fork until smooth
·         Heat evoo in medium sauce pan, and onion and curry and fry until they begin to brown, then add ketchup and continue to cook until most of the moisture cooks off – set aside
·         Stacking order: bun onions, burger, kimchi, egg, mustard sauce, bun

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