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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Back to the Chase - Recipes Imminent

So until this point my blog has consisted of amusing, sometimes satirical or sarcastic, accounts of major and minor events in my life, each accompanied by the recipes for the dishes the feature in the storytelling. This is the backbone and motivation behind this blog, food, travel and lifestyle but like, in real life. This is not going to change, however, these stories are time consuming and let's be honest, not everyday is blog worthy and I tend to fall behind in my posts.

Beginning, well, now, I will be posting my recipes independently. They will still be featured in full narrative posts, but this change will serve two purposes. First, it will allow me to regain posting regularity(who doesn't appreciate regularity) and maintain momentum. Second, it will allow me to record and catalog all the various recipes I create.

As you know, I take my inspiration from so many varied sources, and more often than not am successful in my endeavors, but it's hard to keep track of the articles, posts, and TV shows that give me the spark and get my culinary juices flowing and harder still to recall every last ingredient or technique I use in my own interpretation and execution. Hence I should probably get them in writing so I can share them before they slip from my memory.

I'm going to try to be consistent with formatting, but welcome feedback as to what works and what doesn't, or what additional details you'd like to know.

I am also going to label, or categorize according to what meal to which the dish belongs, the ordinal it is in my collection, the cuisine after which it is molded, and (where applicable) the magazine or food-blog or what have you, that inspired it.

For example, an upcoming post will feature a dinner dish of Moroccan braised lamb shanks, inspired by a travel article from The end of the post title would read like this;

Dinner 1 - North Africa - Saveur

Make sense? Hopefully I will quickly amass a useful library for anyone who wants to try their hand at my recipes, worst case, at least I keep myself organized.

With that, I am back on the trail of umami, I hope you enjoy the chase!

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